The payment switch
Our payment switch has been created using Java technology and is the result of years of expertise in delivering diverse banking software solutions. It is designed to offer a range of payment services, both within and outside of branches, utilizing dedicated electronic banking tools. During the design of this system, careful consideration was given to the unique conditions within the electronic banking ecosystem and the specific requirements of the banks operating within it. Extensive research and analysis were also carried out on comparable international systems, drawing from their experiences to enhance the capabilities and performance of this system. One of the primary functions of this system is to handle various card-based transactions originating from a variety of channels, including ATMs, branch and retail terminals, Internet banking, mobile banking, phone banking, kiosks, USSD, and other switches.
The key features of this system include

1. Utilization of cutting-edge software technologies.2. Proficiency in handling a high volume of payment transactions.
3. Incorporation of robust security measures, such as AES128/192/256 and TDES 2key/3key encryption algorithms, ensuring a high level of security.
4. Integration of HSM (Hardware Security Module) and SSM (Software Security Module) to verify the code and transactions associated with magnetic stripe and smart cards.
5. Support for standard protocols and compliance with central bank requirements.
6. Compatibility with all kinds of payment terminals.
7. Seamless integration with a wide range of payment networks.
8. Versatility in supporting various services and payment transactions.
VINNOTEC has achieved the prestigious PCI-DSS v3.2.1 international certification, demonstrating its commitment to robust security standards in the realm of payment card data.