Mobile banking

Empowering Your Financial World

Mobile Banking is a groundbreaking service that puts you in charge of your financial life with remarkable ease. Thanks to user-friendly mobile banking apps, you can now effortlessly manage your accounts, monitor balances, make secure fund transfers, pay bills, and much more, all from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. This reshapes the way we handle our finances, introducing an era of unmatched convenience and adaptability. With Mobile Banking, powered by VINNOTEC, you are stepping into a world of financial convenience and security, where accessing your accounts, undergoing seamless customer onboarding, and managing your financial affairs are as simple as a few taps on your device. Whether you want to check your balance, send funds to a friend, or settle your bills, everything is at your fingertips, providing you with a financial experience that is truly next-level.

Benefits of Mobile Banking

Mobile banking empowers you to manage your finances wherever you are, making it a top choice for individuals leading fast-paced lives.

Simplify banking tasks and handle most financial needs without stepping into a physical bank branch.

Experience expedited transactions that offer immediate access to funds and real-time updates on account activity.

Embrace eco-friendly banking with e-statements and digital records, minimizing the need for extensive paperwork.

Harness the convenience and accessibility of mobile banking to improve customer satisfaction, placing you in charge of your financial destiny.

VINNOTEC Process-Oriented Mobile Banking

VINNOTEC Company introduces the process-oriented mobile banking platform, designed to deliver a broad spectrum of both banking and non-banking services on mobile platforms. This integrated channel solution offers a unified user experience, boosting satisfaction and accelerating service delivery for the end customer. Additional services like various card services, bill payments, and top-ups from different service operators are available without the need to log in. It provides different user interfaces for easy navigation, and all changes are executed on the server side, eliminating the need for app updates or installations.

VINNOTEC Mobile Banking Advanced Features

Banking on the Move

Mobile banking provides you with the freedom to manage your financial affairs without the need for in-person visits. Whether you're at home, the office, or on the go, your bank is as mobile as you are.

Customer Onboarding

Easily join the mobile banking platform, guided by a user-friendly onboarding process.

Enhanced KYC (Know Your Customer)

Our mobile banking ensures that you are securely identified, protecting both you and the bank.

Balance Check

• International and local Watch list screening related to AML
• Upload of watch list files (e.g. OFAC, Al-Qaeda, Internal High Risk, FATF, FACTA, PEP)
• Watch list Dashboard
• Internal Watch list
• Watch list Automatic/Manual Update
• Watch list screening

Bill Payments

Effortlessly monitor your account balances, review transaction history, and stay updated on your financial well-being.

Effortless Fund Transfers

Seamlessly transfer money between accounts, send funds to family and friends, or make payments to various vendors directly through the app.

Enhanced Security

Rest easy with robust security measures in place to protect your data and financial information, ensuring secure transactions.

VINNOTEC Mobile Banking Highlights