Internet banking

The design of our Internet Banking platform prioritizes swift service delivery within the web portal. To achieve this, we've created a platform that can seamlessly showcase and utilize the processes defined by the bank without necessitating custom alterations for the bank's customers. This approach contributes significantly to enhancing the bank's competitive edge. The bank delineates these processes within our Service Bus of the bank (VSB+), maintaining a centralized definition environment for both internal and external processes. By ensuring that various states of running processes remain centralized and compatible with internet bank, we enable the bank to offer integrated channels to its customers. Consequently, this integration fosters a more successful and cohesive customer experience. In the context of integrated channels, prioritizing the customer's needs is a foundational principle, with the customer placed at the center of all services and capabilities. This focus on the customer's needs extends beyond merely providing services. In this perspective, the customer should perceive all communication channels with the bank as consistent, allowing them to access and view the status of ongoing processes seamlessly across various channels or even continue a process from one channel to another.

By defining the bank's customer as the primary actor and initiator of the process, a capability that embodies the concept of CSB (Customer Service Bus) is realized. In the current landscape, the convergence of integrated channels, open banking, and CSB provides a consistent and enhanced experience for the bank's customers, significantly boosting the bank's competitive advantage."

Products designed with an architecture and production approach that aligns with other products and caters to customer needs tend to have a broader understanding of those needs. This focus on the customer's needs, rather than just the services being offered, enables banks to place greater emphasis on customer satisfaction. A product that can extract the processes defined within the VSB+ framework and make them accessible to the end customer serves as a valuable asset. It facilitates customer engagement with and utilization of these processes, introducing a sense of intelligence and versatility in utilizing integrated channels for the customer.

To complete its omni-channel product portfolio, VINNOTEC has developed its process-oriented mobile banking system. The system features the following functionalities and approaches:

1. Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality: Streamlining the authentication process for users, allowing them to access multiple services with a single login.

2. Widget-based User Interface: Utilizing a widget-based interface that offers flexibility and customization options.

3. Integrated Channels Approach: Embracing an approach that integrates various channels to provide a cohesive user experience.

4. Process-oriented Approach: Focusing on managing and optimizing processes to enhance efficiency and user satisfaction.

5. Ability to connect to Vistor (Widget Store): Enabling connectivity to Vistor (Widget Store) to activate and deactivate widgets, expanding functionality as needed.

6. Responsiveness of pages based on the client’s device: Ensuring that the system's pages adapt and function well on different client devices, promoting accessibility and usability.

7. Customizable Widget and Process Arrangement: Allowing users and banks to rearrange widgets and processes according to their specific needs and preferences, providing a tailored user experience.